Learn the Vote

Top political Parties

Republican:  Qualities of the republican party

  • Conservative
  • Taxes shouldn’t be raised
  • Free Market for wages
  • Increase spending on military
  • Opposes gay marriage (not all Republicans believe this)
  • Opposes abortion (not all Republicans believe this)
  • Supports the death penalty
  • Social ideas are based on the individual rights and justice

Democrat: Qualities of a democratic party

  • Liberal
  • Taxes raised for the wealthy
  • Decrease spending on military
  • Supports gay marriage (not all Democrats believe this)
  • Supports abortion (not all Democrats believe this)
  • Opposes the death penalty (not all disagree)
  • Social ideas not based on individual, based mainly on community support

These are the two main political parties, but there are a couple others that are so not significant such as Green and the American Independent.


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  1. * ahuston2012 says:

    If anyone has any other important qualities that I missed please don’t be shy to inform me. This is a continuing list so we can keep up with the different supported policies for each party. By doing this we will always be informed and it will help younger voters to keep up with the issues.

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 7 months ago

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